SINCE 1990.

History of Quetzal Viewpoint

This story goes back to the year 1948 when Eddy Serrano married Leonor Obando in Cartago, where they lived for 5 years. Around 1950, Don Eddy Serrano, tired of being a day laborer, ventured to explore the highlands of Cerro de la Muerte to acquire a property and thus have his own work. That is how he came to this beautiful place. He fell in love and was enchanted by so much beauty.

But it was not until three years later when he already had his property that together with his wife Leonor Obando he undertook a definitive trip to stay living there. However, the solution for Don Eddy to stop being a day laborer was not that, because having come to a place where everything was mountain there was no where or how to generate their own work.

This situation forced Don Eddy to do work in other farms again as a day laborer where he was hired for one or maybe two days a week and with the little money he earned he bought food for himself, his wife and three of his children , this at best when I found work because if I could not find work they could not buy anything to eat and in fact that situation happened several times.

El Mirador de Quetzales Hotel
El Mirador de Quetzales Hotel

But during the days that Don Eddy could not find work in the mountains, he with his firm idea of wanting to have his own work took advantage of that time sowing grass for the future to have cows, he also planted blackberries, but in order to do that, he first had to cut trees to make an open space to plant what he wanted, being this way with the trees he cut, he made wood, coal and poles to sell them and get some profits to buy food and at the same time invest a little in the farm, with the passing of years the economic situation was not so much a problem, but also the family was growing more and more, since in just 22 years between this marriage they had 15 children being born the last of them in 1970, for the year 1990 and many of the children had been married and emigrated to other places in Costa Rica and 7 of them had died as children because of diseases that are very easy to treat today, but the children that I still lived On the farm they already had their wives and children so the family number was increasing again and again the money was not enough for so many people, this was like going back in time and arriving at the same point in 1953.

In this way it was like Don Eddy Serrano who, despite cutting down some trees in the past to survive, always had an ecological thought and on a common day as everyone with his own words said "HERE WE HAVE A GREEN GREEN GOLD", referring to the forest beautiful that there is nowadays within the reserve and also added these words "WE ARE GOING TO WORK IN TOURISM, TOMORROW WE WILL GO TO WHOM THE NEIGHBOR TO MAKE US A SIGN IN ENGLISH", in effect he did, was with one of his children and the neighbor on a piece of paper wrote what the sign should say "WELCOME TO THE QUETZAL FARM" that same day the son who accompanied him began to make the much desired sign to place it on the main road the next day, what ever They imagined that this sign would begin to bear immediate fruit, since only two hours after having placed it, the first two people arrived to do the quetzal tour, of course there was nothing prepared to do en_tours since there were no binoculars, telescope, much less a bird book to do the en_tours properly, but it was like this that little people learned that this is a privileged place to observe quetzals and gave life to what today it is called MIRADOR DE QUETZALES.

El Mirador de Quetzales Hotel